Cherokee Tribal Food Distribution Program

Blueberry Dumplings

Nutrition info on blueberries:Often labeled a "superfood," the blueberry is bursting with nutrients, many of which are classified as antioxidants and phytochemicals.Much of the power of blueberries lies in their colors. The deep-blue hue comes from anthocyanin, a phytochemical whose abilities may help protect the body from heart disease and Type 2 diabetes, offering cancer-fighting […]

Buffalo, Hominy and Bean Hot Pot with Blue Corn Pan Pone

This dish is a hearty home favorite, and sure to fill. Buffalo meat makes this stew a heavy and filling meal with hominy and your choice of beans. Making use of canned foods is something that many find to be difficult, but just a bit of seasoning evens out the flavor, especially if you drain […]

One Meal, Three Sides, Cherokee Style

This dish is a full meal that comes in small parts so it can be eaten as you like, and is not only something that adds a bit of a fancy air to the simple, but is even fun for younger people at the table to enjoy, and allows pickier eaters to pick their meal […]

Wild Green Salad with Black Walnuts

© by Lois Ellen Frank, Ph.D. 2021Harvesting wild greens in the Spring and Summer months … is something I love to do. We have wild watercress greens that grow along some of our small creeks and waterways. We also have wild spinach. This green grows everywhere and is abundant on the land that surrounds my […]

Three Sisters Salad

ᏎᎷ (she-lu) corn, ᏚᏯ (tu-ya) beans, and ᏩᎩᎦ (wa-gi-ga) squash are the three main ingredients that make up this version of Three Sisters salad. This low-sodium recipe also provides calcium, potassium, protein, iron and fiber. Three Sisters Salad is a perfect crowd-pleasing side dish to bring to pot lucks, family get-togethers, weekend barbeques or a […]